How to Recover Crashed Data from Cruzer Fit Flash Drive?

In today’s age it is quite important that we carry USB drives, pen drives or even external hard drives to store our important data so that in case of any data loss, one always have a back up to ensure safety of the data. But then what if the data that you have kept safe […]

5 Best Data Storage Options for All Your Needs

Data storage is the main part of every company’s general operation and functions. No matter, whether you work with the use of a computer regularly or utilize only for a certain aspect of the work. You definitely will face data in the form of written documents, emails, databases, spreadsheets, audio and video files, graphics and […]

5 Top Tips For Getting The Best USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are the external storage devices with capacities up to 256 GB. With the advancement in technology, it is now a day presented with more storage space therefore it varies from one brand to another and also in features. Normally, the common size you will find is 32GB and 16GB which is commonly […]

7 Top USB Flash Drive Brands to Choose From

A USB Flash drive is essentially an external device used for data storage. USB is the initials for Universal Serial Bus. Its distinctive features are that it is rewritable as well as removable, and much smaller to an optical disc in its built, and therefore handy to carry along anywhere. The purpose behind using a […]

How Do I Backup My PC To External Hard Drive

There are many reasons which may force you to backup your PC data in an external hard drive. It may be for transferring some files or for making some space on the main disc of your PC. Despite several useful reasons, it is always recommended to have a backup of your data so that you […]

Importance of IPhone Battery Extender and Backup Power

No doubt iPhone is an incredible gadget that conglomerates a music player, a play station, a net browser, a phone and the list goes on. With the addition of newer attractive application the iPhone took the hearts of people changing it into a body part of the people. Nowadays gizmo freaks find it difficult to […]

What is Hard Drive – How does it Benefit?

The definition of the hard drive is so simple. You can consider it as a box where you can keep all your virtual data like media files, documents files, software, and many other files. It gives freedom of storing in its limit. Basically, the hard drive is a computer’s storage device that permanently stores your […]

How To Clean Or Erase Your Hard Drive

It is easy to have a hard drive get all messy and overflowing with the stuff that you may or may not need. You might load a lot of random stuff and forget about it over a time period. Therefore, it is wiser to clean-up your hard drive in a convenient interval. Here are few […]

Tips To Choose Best Formatted Hard Drive Recovery Software

Data recovery from a formatted hard disk drive is the dreaded task referring to the restoration of the files. Fortunately, there is a lot of software devoted to these common problems. Laptops/workstations are an integral part of our life. There is no such thing where we are dependent on this mechanical device. We store lots […]

Buffalo External Hard Drive Review

Boost Up Plug-N-Play Connectivity with Buffalo External Hard Drive Buffalo Technology (USA) located in Austin, Texas, provides advanced yet cost-efficient solutions for wireless and wired networking solutions and direct storage tools matching the requirements of today’s choosy user. Right from design conception to providing feature-rich practical performance benefits, Buffalo Technology emphasizes on user-friendly solutions for both […]

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