7 Top USB Flash Drive Brands to Choose From

A USB Flash drive is essentially an external device used for data storage. USB is the initials for Universal Serial Bus. Its distinctive features are that it is rewritable as well as removable, and much smaller to an optical disc in its built, and therefore handy to carry along anywhere.

USB Flash DriveThe purpose behind using a USB Flash Drive is storing, securing or transferring computer files. For its utilitarian nature, many renowned companies have launched their own brand of Flash Drives, also known as Pen Drives. With absolute focus to the leading brand names in this genre, an extensive discussion has been done below:

1. Kingston Technology

In the United States of America, this USB Flash Drive manufacturing company is highly reputed and well recognized. The most popular product of this brand is its 16 GB pen drive. Apart from Flash Drives other flash memory storage devices of this organization is also very useful.

2. SanDisk

With extraordinary service quality the data storage device of this   particular company has earned its due worldwide. SanDisk makes it simple to share, store and stream information unlimitedly with the assistance of the USB mass data storing device.

3. HP

Though HP is mostly famous for manufacturing laptops and external hard wares; but in this context it is essential to mention that the USB Flash Drives of HP are also quite popular. It is quite in demand especially because of its interesting looks.

4. iball

In the world of technology iball has set its strong foot not only in the United States of America but also globally. The outer body of these Flash Drives is composed of strong metals for elongated durability and protection.

5. Buffalo

The Flash Drives manufactured by is one of the best of its kind. These portably sized, ultra super speed USB Drives have the unique feature of Single Level Cell (SLC) chips. Its reading speed is 27MB/s, while 18MB/s is its writing speed.

6. Aigo

USB Flash Drives of Aigo is one of the most advanced pen drives of this era. It is composed of alloy casing of sophisticated texture of aluminum magnesium. Ultra thin and portable in design, it is exclusive for its large capacity of data traveling.

7. Corsair

The Flash Voyager of Corsair is a pen drive of great capacity with a bit rugged design. It is available at quite an affordable price. This is also facilitated with a speedy connectivity.

It goes without saying, the advantages of latest flash drives are many. It consumes very little power, does not have any fragile part, and most importantly small and light to carry. The data, which is stored in Flash Drive, is impervious to any sort of magnetic fields, mechanical shock, dust and scratches.

In comparison to many other removable media, pen drives secure data densely. The implementation of USB mass data storage is accomplished by Flash Drives, so that the most advanced operating system, can write or read them even without installation of device drivers.