5 Best Data Storage Options for All Your Needs

Data storage is the main part of every company’s general operation and functions. No matter, whether you work with the use of a computer regularly or utilize only for certain aspect of the work. You definitely will face data in the form of written documents, emails, databases, spreadsheets, audio and video files, graphics and even contracts. Every company and individual business requires data storage options and solutions to keep it safe.

Data Storage

If you are very much concerned about the safety of your data, then it is quite essential to have data storage options with robust solutions which will help you grow your business in every successful way.

In that regard, for sure, you will think about storage options and requirements in both capability and physical location for your business.

Need of data storage options

Initially, it is important to store precious and confidential data in a safe place. Storing every duplicate data with the original in the same location will haunt you while accessing your hard drive. In order to be away from this, it is important to prefer different data storage options which are crucial for your backup method. You find this in different forms with pros and cons that prove to be helpful to you.

When it comes about storing of data then there is no one size fits to all sort of solutions as the data storage devices are available as per the used gadget and device. Fortunately, the easiest and diverse option to store data is the removable storage device in different shapes and sizes which can be easily plugged directly into the USB port without the need of a cord. They are cheapest and easily accessible to your device and data and can be carried anywhere to utilize in case of need.

Mainly, a storage area network is nothing but a dedicated and high speed network which interrelates and presents common pools of storage devices to many servers. If you use SAN, then your network is moved from the public user network and made into a high performance network which allows easy access to your data. In case, if a host requires an access to a storage device on this network, then it sends out a chunk based access demand for the storage device. Choose storage area networks for your connections and keep your data safe.

5 Best Options to prefer for every size business

Luckily, there are a set of requirements with good options like Storage area network, Network attached storage, Backup to Disk, Content addressable storage and online backup solutions. You can choose any of the data storage options for different tasks, departments, responsibilities and branches.

1- Storage Area Networks

A SAN is an important system with high speed that permits every server to access all the storage devices and works either with the use of SCSI commands in order to handle on to the margin. It can be extended to the lesser locations for archival storage and backup for a disaster recovery. Nowadays, people are choosing SAN networks as it handles every problem effectively and efficiently when compared to other solutions. It expands easily to boost storage or capacities.

2- Network Attached Storage

This storage option is a better option if you wish to develop your business that requires robust, economical, and secure and scalable solutions. It is because, NAS solutions are simple to deploy, manage centrally and consolidate as they are well suited to every business which lacks information technology departments. Mainly, NAS possess a variety of hard drives attached to the network directly and is less expensive when compared to SAN. A NAS has more than two hard drives in a single network fixed device for your easy use.

3- Backup to Disk

This is a traditional disk based B2D storage which maintains confidential business data in a safe way from third parties, providing the companies a complete charge over the digital possessions. This B2D storage solution assists reliable, rapid and lucrative backup with storage. More interestingly, with the use of hard drive, B2D marks similar data on a disk size or otherwise mark to a tape drive. Many consider this option as this solution supports a variety of removable and rewritable media and zip finally.

4- Content Addressable Storage

The CAS option stores the important information which recovers depending upon the content but not the storage location. Most of the people consider it as best as its data accuracy is paramount and every time when a small part of data changes, it gets an exclusive identifier. The Content Addressable storage network makes sure that its users are able to recover the exact data in the same way it is stored in their device or system.

5- Choose online data storage solutions with backup facility

Most of the companies wish to choose online data storage solutions as it providers its users an amazing backup facility or their confidential digital data. It is because, everyday, many electronic gadgets and devices get stolen though there are tracers, theft protectors or other advanced technologies. This online data storage option is considered as safe and sensitive as it keeps the data safe and secure in any of the situation at any point of time though your gadget gets stolen.

Main things to know before purchasing data storage devices

There are different points to go through and consider before purchasing a data storage device, to make your purchase worthy and useful. They are:

  • Understand about your needs and applications with technical requirements related to performance, capacity, energy consumptions and availability.
  • To what operating systems and servers will you be attaching the device?
  • Do you require block or a file supported access?
  • Do you need copy, local and remote mirroring, snapshot and Raid features?
  • Are you interested to purchase or take on lease the best storage options?
  • What are your requirements and growth plans in data protection?
  • For which applications you wish to use data storage options?

Consider all the above factors when purchasing a best data storage options to make your work easy and successful.

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