Windows Antivirus Software: Are They Worth to Buy?

Having an antivirus is not just important but it is necessary for any system. To work in an annoyance free environment, you must install good antivirus software into your system. Having a good antivirus program is important for the installation. Otherwise, it may become nightmare to work with a computer. First, you have to find the compatible antivirus for your system.

For example, if you have low system memory, i.e. RAM less than 1 GB, you should not use Norton. This would make you system tremendously slow.

How Antivirus works?

Have you ever heard about “virus dictionary approach”? Well, this is the main mechanism behind the work process of antivirus software. The main idea or concept is to examine each file of a system individually and minutely.┬áThe software compares the file content with the dictionary of known viruses. If a file contains virus, then the virus name will be found over the dictionary. This will recognize the threat as well as nature of the threat too. Today, a lot of antivirus programs are there for the computer protection. They more or less follow the same procedure to work.


Top Windows Antivirus Software You May Consider Buying

Countless errors and strange performance of the system is recorded and experienced, if a system is attacked by some virus. Mostly, these virus programs infiltrates into a computer through the internet. Even after the proper customization of Windows Security and Firewall options, many virus programs still successfully make their way towards a computer.

So, how to stop them? Is there any solution present for this? Well, solution is certainly there.

Installing a reliable antivirus software will make your computer a safe haven for you data. Virus programs often make a system inefficient. But, the biggest threat is that it can damage your data. Thus, proper actions and appropriate measures should be taken to stop them. Let us focus on some top antivirus that can make your personal computer clean and free of virus.

Norton Internet Security

Norton is one of the most popular names in the world of antivirus software. It is a great antivirus and very much compatible with the Windows system. Symantec has made this software to provide excellent security to the IT sector. It is the best! However, it has some serious drawbacks. It will make your computer a bit slow. Thus, if you have high system configuration, then go for it. Do not opt for Norton if you have low RAM.

Kaspersky Internet Security

For the deletion and detection of the existing virus programs, Kaspersky is the most efficient one. It is great antivirus software, with a lot of positive aspects. In the year of 2010, Kaspersky got the best antivirus recognition. Through online review and survey, it is clear that people like this antivirus as it is very simple and do not make a system slow. Hence, it is recommended for everyone. Windows users must use this to protect their computer as this antivirus is best compatible with Windows.

Do You Really Need It?

So, what happens if we do not keep any antivirus software in our computer? The answer is simple! The virus programs are made to damage the systems and its data. If you have an internet connection, then you are mostly vulnerable for the virus attack. Virus can infiltrate to those computers too, which do not have the right to access to internet. Through the flash drives, it mainly comes to such computers.

The damage of the virus programs can be severe. Data loss or data rupture is common! It can cause the temporary disability of the systems too. In order to make the system active again, you have to go for formatting. But, this process will remove all you data from the computer. So without a second thought it is certain that one need to get an antivirus program if he/she wants to save their computers from harmful viruses.