VOIP Phone Systems and Providers in USA

A VoIP phone system is pocket-friendly and cost-cutting. Compare to the traditional phone systems, this type of phone system can greatly reduce the bill you usually pay every month.

With the developments in technologies, greater functionalities have been developed than the conventional methods. These developments have enriched the productivity of business firms, through increasing customer services with easy cost effective ways.

VoIP business phone systems are one of the major advancement of information technology for the benefit of business firms. The VoIP systems for business help to have a seamless connection between your business locations over a private network. Business owners can enjoy the benefits of hosted VoIP over the public network, as this is easy and cost effective than conventional methods.

Using hosted VoIP phone systems, you can connect different branches or clients with each other and contact at one regardless of their locations. Your office can be located anywhere in the world but you can contact various branches without suffering the cost of long distance charges between the locations.

Voip System

Besides this, you can also efficiently connect your home based employees. With a wide range of options, VoIP lets you economically connect your employees to your office phone system with a great speed. You just need to connect your phone with an internet connection or set up the software over the PCs of workers at home. The whole system works as exactly as a phone.

VoIP is a Business Phone System that lets your employees to connect with your office regardless of their location. This is an economical option to connect all workers of an office and it also effectively connects remote workers. VoIP is the best method to connect workers who need to travel for working purpose.

This system connects workers even if they are travelling. They can contact the office by the software on the system and they just need to plug a handset to the USB port of PC in order to work as a handset on office phone. So, make use of an effective VoIP for business and take advantage of its options.

Popular VoIP providers in the United States

The following are the some VoIP providers in the United States. If you are still hooked up with your old phone system, you should consider changing that now.

  • Smart Voice Network. This provider offers virtual system for your business with the same features you get from enterprise phone system, without the hefty price tag. Your service starts with a toll free number which rings to your auto attendant and your own virtual receptionist that provides your callers with information and guides them through your virtual phone system. When your callers dial any extension, you can transfer the call with call forwarding.
  • Craig Communications. Craig Communications provides high quality residential phone service over the internet. You can use your existing internet connection to make phone calls to anyone in the United States and Canada. Craig Communications even offers free equipment on select plans to get you started. Craig Communications aims to free consumers from the incredibly high phone costs presented by today’s telecom giants.
  • SRR technologies is the first of its kind patent pending “SIP Zero Packet” and caller “Call Action Security” protocol. This allows the user to buy an “All-in-One” solution with force on both the end user and backend platform that provides all functionality in a single server. SRR Technologies has created a core system that will increase corporate profits by reducing time to make on products, lower start up cost and reduce monthly cost with absolutely no low level scripting or cooling required. Just a simple interface. SRR Technologies offers a free service that include VoIP eight line phone, person to person calling, conferencing that uses up to 90% less bandwidth.

These are just few among the hundred VoIP service providers in United States. VoIP has been proven and tested to be cost friendly, increasing profitability of your business. Now, take time and go over the list of VoIP service providers again that are available in your area. This could be the beginning of your way to success. The VoIP solutions and offers are ideal for SMBs in cities such as New York where space is at a premium.