Save the life of your family photos

Bad things can happen to good hard drives. They can become scratched when dropped, for example, and this can be devastating for people who did not backup their hard drive regularly. A wealth of personal data, videos and family photos can be lost when this happens.

data recovery

Now, a small company is researching hdd “data recovery”. Until now, there has been no economically feasible method for retrieving data from a damaged hard drive. Some companies can charge $800 to $50,000 for this type of service, but Payam Data Recovery plans to offer their product for only $500.

In the meantime, their research is in need of funding, so they are launching this innovative project on Indiegogo. Their prototype is capable of repairing 95 percent of the problems on a damaged hard drive requiring “data recovery” by fixing the deep scratches on the hdd platter.

At Payam Data Recovery, the goal is researching and developing the first fix for severely damaged hdd platters worldwide. As world leaders in the niche market of hdd “data recovery” services, they have been involved for 17-years in recovering data. Being a small company, they need assistance with their R&D funding and have turned to Indiegogo and the public to meet that need.

Funding via Indiegogo will help with covering the cost of putting together some of the greatest minds in the world and having some top science experts on the Payam Data Recovery team for a period of 12 months. During that time, they fully expect to find the solution to saving thousands of would-be lost memories for scores of people. Indiegogo investments start at just $13 USD and investors can be a part of a worldwide technological phenomenon. With so many great minds working on a project such as this “data recovery” project for Payam Data Recovery, the R&D is sure to be successful and the product will be in high demand in this niche market.

You can support this project and join the them at:

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