Redefine Your Gaming Experience With Ps4 Gaming Unit

The ps4 game unit by Sony includes box and a splendid controller which is commonly known as handheld. The ps4 redefines the gaming experience altogether.

It has better graphics, higher speed and greater sensitivity which turns the gaming experienced to be all the more refined. The latest version of playstation is going to be surely cherished by all the gamers.

One can visit online ps4 forums for getting into the insight of its features. Some of the main features of the ps4 series comprise of:

Ps4 GamingCompatible Hardcore Processor

Ps4 has always been a convenient option for all gamers.

The best part of newly launched PS4 is that it can be played with any version of game available in the market.

The latest unit does not comprise of any restrictions imposed like other companies.

Earlier, games that were rented and borrowed from shops and friends could not be run by the gaming unit because of certain piracy issues.

Now, this particular problem is eliminated by the company which has turned PS4 to be more functional in comparison to any other gaming unit available in the market.

The games likeĀ 1Bet now runs on the latest processors named AMD Jaguar which has a lightning-fast pace. However, most of the critics state it could be better as AMD jaguar is not the fastest processor available in the market.

Better handhelds

The former handheld meant for PlayStation gaming console used to perform just half of what DualShock 4 used to give.

But the latest series of playstation 4 handheld comes equipped with trigger buttons which are simply incredible. They are easier to use and render accurate shots while using them.

The shaking capabilities of such handhelds are also way better in comparison to previous versions of playstation handhelds.

You can play some of the most interesting games such as FIFA, Grand Theft Auto and NBA with greater chances to defeat the opponents.

The buttons of the handheld are much supple now. They are crisp in quality and effortless to push. Because of matte finish at its back, the handles render a better grip to the gamer.

The curves are way better than its predecessor. The only thing which the company did not work upon is its D-Pad

Matte Look and Tougher Shine

All the accessories which come along with PS4 have a blend of smooth and matte finishing which gives it a refined stylish look altogether.

The box and the handheld also comprise of the same blend. The accessories are made up of high quality lightweight plastic which has always been a major part of ps4 gaming units.

The matte shine precludes maximum chances for oily fingertips to stick over the surface of the units. Shine and matte is a brand new idea incorporated in the console.

All the ports of the accessories are well-covered which prevents the gaming console from getting ruined because of dust or water.

The ps4 screen shots available over the internet are simply irresistible. Once you see them, you are sure to get tempted to buy the unit for yourself.