Safeguarding Your Data Through Online Cloud Computing Services

The cloud computing is a paradigm that can provide computing services via the Internet, in this context, the cloud is a metaphor for the Internet”. The types of services that can be provided through the cloud are extensive. According to this model, the customer pays for a service provider or by the use of a particular resource (memory, storage, processing, software, databases, etc.) And it provides the service via the Internet.

English: Cloud Computing Image

English: Cloud Computing Image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The commercialization and standardization of technologies, virtualization and growth-oriented software architectures and increased service reliability of Internet business solutions, are the foundations on which the cloud computing has been growing.

These three trends, according to Christy Pettey, Gartner analyst Daryl Plummer, Article Gartner Says Cloud Computing Will Be as Influential As E-business, constitute a discontinuity that will create a new relationship between those who use IT services and those who offer them. Essentially this means that users will be able to focus on what the service provides rather than worrying about how it is implemented or where it is housed.

A user member of the Branch Information Security says a little about your impressions after using the cloud computing to solve a problem of working together:

“My first experience with cloud computing was once a project that I worked as a team.

Each of the members we were physically distant geographical areas and for decision-making, it was important that we had one team in the development of the project and that all we could handle it, put another way, share the work area. Using cloud computing allowed us to resolve this issue.

First was mounted on the personal computer of one of the members, and using a tool available within the cloud computing, the rest of the team could display the actions that were carried out by the person in control of the project and any time, thanks to this same tool, any of the other members could take over the job.

Furthermore, in carrying out the final report was prepared on a platform presentation which also applies the same concept. Through it all collaborators manipulate the same file, allowing us to save time instead of the file sent and returned by mail. “

She says that the use of this technology was critical to the timely and proper integration of the team and of the respective parts of the project also highlights one of the advantages of this paradigm is the time savings.

This technology, as usually has a gradual growth. While it is true that cloud computing is a technology that is already used for some years, have yet to be fully absorbed as a central tendency in organizations.

The level of acceptance among organizations will vary depending on their size. Medium and small businesses are beginning to adopt solutions based on cloud computing, while larger organizations do according to individual needs.

On the other side of the coin, there are the end users, to whom the cloud computing has changed the way they carry out their activities, improved in most cases, and allowing them to collaborate differently with other users on different places, access to applications that require from your web browser from virtually any computer, even from mobile devices.

Cloud computing service is a good option for safeguarding your precious data

The latest success of web storage amenities and cloud computing has resulted in upcoming of number of online data storing companies.  Such companies make sound arrangements backing up data. Data backup assists users to safeguard all necessary data that can sustain huge losses if lost. After making arrangements for data backup, users are not required to worry for consequences after rebooting.

Online Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing has lately gained a lot of popularity. Earlier, people used to store their data in tangible storage devices like USB storage devices, DVD, CD and data cards. However, people no longer trust these data backup devices.

The tangible storage devices have a greater possibility of getting impaired. The information stored in tangible storage devices becomes impossible to take back once they get damaged.

Another disadvantage of using electronic storage devices is that the user is required to pay a lot attention towards the safety of the device. Pen drives and micro SD cards are tiny storage devices and have greater possibility of getting lost. Any sort of carelessness can end up incurring a deep hole inside the pocket. Moreover, the information stored in electronic devices has a greater possibility of manipulation.  In case one`s storage device lands up in unsafe hands then also it can be source of trouble.

Well-established websites have huge data storage arrangements. Such companies use full HD techniques for safeguarding the information shared. The data stored with the help of online companies cannot neither be destroyed nor be manipulated.  Such companies rather provide some extra data up-gradation services as well.

A desktop and a reliable internet connection can relive one from all sorts of data back-up worries. The online data back-up companies protect the data of the clients intact. They do not interfere or misuse the information stored in their websites.

Unlimited data storage space is the biggest advantage of cloud computing services. The high-definition storage space assists to store all files together at a single place. One is not required to face the inconvenience of storing data in various storage devices. With large storage spaces, users are not required to alter the size of images, movies and videos stored in the PC. The HD storage spaces of the websites are capable of amassing them without requiring the users to lose them.

Different companies have different device access forms. The users must make that they at least possesses one access port of the company which they have trusted for data storage. Sometimes choosing a gratis service can be perilous as one cannot claim anything after the data is lost. Free of cost services comprise of limited options. Thus one should try opting for a paid form of service only.

Before trusting any company, one must make sure that the chosen company is well-established and possesses a sound background. It is needless to say that the users would not like to go with those companies which have a sooner or later possibility to collapse.

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