Network Attached Storage (NAS) Review: Pros and Cons

The present day’s human works and activities are much different and he mainly runs with the help of machines only. Out of so many machines discovered till now the major machine which governs the human totally at the present period is the computer. The computer works are in high speed and the humans are also revolving around it at the same speed.

Network Attached Storage

As the workload of the humans is increasing day by day with the computers, the accessories for computers are also increasing proportionately. Creating data, transferring the files and file storage works are the primary works which humans deal with the computers daily.

Creating and processing of files will take place in the computer itself, whereas for saving those files and data a separate storage device is needed.

Normally the computer system itself will be having a partition of storage drives where the files and folders will get saved automatically.

But in case of a large number of files with huge memory the inbuilt storage device will not be sufficient. To compensate this issue an external hard drive or memory card is needed.

The drawback of external memory device is that you have to carry it whenever you are moving from your place. To solve all these issues a new storage device is invented which helps in multiple ways for the proper works of human with their computer. This is named as Network attached storage (NAS).

Pros of Network Attached Storage:

  • It acts as a complete and standard platform to the administrators for storing the files and documents.
  • It helps to fasten the work by storing huge amount of data within a short span of time.
  • It helps for easy and fast communication between other electronic devices like computers, printers, scanners, etc. and thus reduces both the time and the extra workload of the individual.
  • As the network attached storage server device holds a large capacity of files within it, it helps in preventing the unwanted and unexpected errors like missing files, file corruption, etc. and thereby leads to a healthy outcome of the work in the company.
  • The network attached storage formula makes the company to retrieve even the old dated files very easily because of its multiple partitions creating a system for storing the files.

Cons of Network Attached Storage:

  • The major drawback of using the network attached storage device is that it mainly runs on the file system Linux. During a power loss or machine failure, to retrieve or to recover any document or file from the system you are in need of help of the professional data recovery software and services.
  • The end users who want to back up the data cannot proceed directly. They have to do it through the installed operating system only.

According to the statistics till now the pros are more in numbers when comparing to the cons regarding the network attached storage. Thus anyone can make use of this good storage server device for better improvement in working atmosphere either it may be home or office.

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