Advantages of Network Attached Storage for Small Offices and Home

In olden days people used to keep their documents and books in their shelves in the home. There was no reliable soft copy of those materials. In those times even soft copy was not that valuable when compared to the hard copies. Then people started using external devices such as the USB drives, floppy or the compact disc for storing the information.

Now there are many methods of online storage systems. People find this as a more convenient method to store their files online.

Buffalo NAS

Advantages in small offices:

Generally in small office there would be less physical space and the numbers of employees are more. Administration becomes easy with the Network added storage system. When a physical hard disk is used then it cannot be shared easily sitting at their desks.

This would disturb the work schedule of the employees and may lead to unwanted waste of time. But when NAS is used, anyone from their own desk can get access to the files and use them as and when needed. The modification also becomes easier with this system.

Another important advantage is that the protocol used by the network added storage system is very user friendly. It means that it uses different protocols for different operating system. So all the computer users such as the Microsoft OS users, Linux or the Mac users anyone can use this.

Instead of using the external hard disk, the network added storage system uses the server which has an operating system installed in it. It just uses a different storage protocol for each operating system. The protocols which are supported by the Network added storage system are NFS, SMB/CIFS and AFP used for the Linux, Microsoft and Apple Mac operating systems respectively.

Some other different protocols are also required for the communication purposes which are also included in the NAS system.

With all these factors NAS is highly beneficial for small offices also. With this system the files which are downloaded from the torrent magnetic links can be directly stored in the network and retrieved as and when required. Then the documents can also be directly printed out for the hard use. Another advantage is that this is comparatively cheaper than the physical external hard disk or USB drives.

Advantage in Home:

Generally people think that storage devices are not required in houses. But is there any home without a compact disk, USB flash drives? This shows that there is a requirement of storage even in the houses. It may not be the important official files but there are photos of sweet memories, videos, and books that may be kept safely for immediate access whenever needed.

Just think how easy it would be to have all your important contents stored safely in a network from which you can retrieve the data as and when required. The next advantage is that it is very common for an external hard disk or flash drives to get corrupted easily and you may lose all your files, but this is not in the case of the network added storage system. Even if there is any problem with the computer, the data will be safe in the server.

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