Netflix vs. Vudu: Who is the Winner?

Netflix has a dominating presence in the movie rental business, but of late is experiencing stiff competition from Vudu.

Netflix offers streaming members instantly to registered members, whereas Vudu is essentially an on-demand service.

Netflix vs VuduIn the Netflix vs. Vudu tussle, one thing to watch out for is their user-friendliness.

With Netflix, registered members can easily rent DVDs through mail or watch streaming movies online at will based on their membership type.

Users can keep the DVDs with them for a desired period of time.

Vudu capacitates users to stream their favorite movies directly to friendly devices after paying up for the movie.

The War Is On To Dominate The Streaming Movie And DVD World

Netflix has an edge over Vudu when it comes to device compatibility issues.

Netflix Italia supports a wide array of devices to provide its streaming services.

The greatest advantage is that the user is at liberty to connect a number of devices to the same account and then hop from one device to another.

One can leave off at the same point he did on the previous device.

Vudu too supports a plethora of devices and internet-connected Bluray players, but the device count is significantly outnumbered by Netflix.

Netflix trounces Vudu in terms of the collection of titles offered to customers.

The former has over 100000 shows and movies on DVD and Bluray, with a formidable amount offered for streaming. Old tiles reminiscent of the glorious past and modern ones find themselves stacked side by side.

Vudu clients can lay their hands on some 20000 titles, with the company claiming that it stocks the most HD titles with the collection being incremented every week.

However, the fight between Netflix vs Vudu is kept alive by the latter’s claim that titles are made available faster by them than Netflix for streaming.