Knowing About Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Microsoft SQL Server is database management system by Microsoft. The primary function of SQL server program is to store up and retrieve information as per the request of other software application.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Such software application can be either on the same computer or operating on another computer athwart a set of connections including Internet. Microsoft SQL Server database program has at least a dozen of different editions. The various editions of this database software were developed to meet the different requirements of the audience who have different categories of workload.

The main goal of this database software is managing data in the best possible manner. The latest editions include quick exploration and enhancement of data which helps the users to conveniently distribute information with other users. The main query languages of this database software are ANSI & T-SQL. At a summit held on October 2011, Microsoft publicized that the upcoming edition of SQL Server would be Microsoft SQL 2012. The software was released on March 6, 2012.

Learning the new features of sql 2012

Learning the new features of sql 2012 includes managing large-scale information warehousing and logical solutions. New and improved self-service features allow the users to discover and unbolt new insights through information shared out across planned and unplanned data sources. The new tools and interactive web-based interfaces render users with simple yet powerful capacities of data visualization and query.

The Organizations can also enhance the effect of self-service BI over the entire organization with the help of enhanced tools and models, while enhancing IT and efficiency of developer by delivering and proficiently administrating a highly security-enhanced and multi-level operable BI platform. The SQL server 2012 assists business users to prepare a speedy prototype thereby using familiar tools like Power Pivot.

By learning the new features of sql 2012, Organizations will acquire an elaborate capacity to cleanse, manage, and integrate complicated data sources in a cut down manner. The newly introduced efficient tools for integration of data assists users to reduce the amount of effort and time which is usually taken in development of integrated data solutions. The employees can deliver credible data much efficiently athwart the organization.

Amongst various features of SQL Server 2012, enhancement of data exploration capacities is one. The users can access and incorporate data from nearly any source. This allows the users to generate analytical applications and appealing reports. They can easily team up and share insights thereby utilizing similar tools. With this new version of database, the users can conveniently generate interactive, graphical, tabular and free-form reports by using the data from a various varieties of data sources which include syndicated, on-premises, or unstructured sources of data sources. SQL 2012 database software also consists of customization capacities with various programmable features.

With SQL 2012 database program, the users can also export the created reports using SSRS, to MS Office file layouts (such as .xls and .docx.). Exporting to Microsoft formats gives increased columns, row limits, reduced size of the documents, and more color options to the users. One can create reports in the desired format and send it to others directly.

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