iPad Battery & Doubling Your Run Time

There are many ways available today that can minimize power usage of your iPad battery and thereby extending the daily life of your battery. The best way to keep your battery safe is by using a battery case. This will increase the life of the battery and will reduce the risk of some common problems that you face every now and then with your gadget or your iPad battery.

iPad Battery

In some cases it is seen that iPad case helps a lot. Using an iPad case protects your total gadget from dust and water droplets which usually create problem. There are normally two ways to recharge your iPad.

If you want to use your iPad while it’s recharging, plug its USB cable and adapter into an electric outlet. By doing so you are using your gadget along with having it on charging. This is the fastest way to recharge your iPad.

On the other hand, you can also plug your iPad into a computer’s USB outlet to recharge it. Both these methods are safe and help you to have your iPad battery charged properly.

Some computers coming nowadays are with high-powered USB outlets that will let you use your iPad as it charges. But if you plug the iPad into your computer and try to use it, you may see a “Not Charging” indication. This simply indicates that your computer’s USB outlet is not at all a high-powered, and you cannot use your iPad as it is charging.

Beside these methods, you can also use some additional ideas for conserving power of your iPad battery. One of the simplest ways to conserve battery power is to turn your iPad off every time when you are not using it. Using a battery case is not at all a bad idea. You can always invest in ipad battery pack that is good for your device. There are also solar panels in the market on which you can invest that can be used to recharge your iPad.

It is also suggested that you should keep the brightness settings low of your iPad if you are at a place where the light is sufficient, just like a laptop tablet. This will really help you in doubling your iPad battery run time. If your gadgets screen brightness is high then you may find your gadget displaying drainage of battery. If you are using the Apple iPad, then you should know that the screen brightness is set on Auto and you will have to go into the setting to change that.

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