How to Prevent DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Error Easily?

Nowadays certain PC’s and laptops which is running with the help of windows software is getting a unique problem with displaying the following error statement Windows stop DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error.

BSOD on Windows XP. Full memory dump enabled. ...
BSOD on Windows XP. Full memory dump enabled. “Device driver got stuck in an infinite loop”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is also known as BSOD error. This error statement occurs mainly when the driver or the part of windows tries to access any paged memory using the IRQL kernel process which appears invalid. Some of the main reasons for this type of error statements are:

  • Bad conditioned hardware drivers
  • Worst Memory
  • Mismatched Memory
  • Corrupted Memory
  • Bad Virtual Memory

Through so many ways most of the people are trying to get out this problem but the perfect way nobody gets clearly at the initial time. Very few only knows the best way to get clear out of this error and that way is as follows:

  • The first step is that recover the windows to an earlier page
  • Then try to install the latest service packs
  • Try to update the Microsoft windows software on and off
  • Try to obtain the latest hardware drivers like video cards, network cards or modems, removable hard disks or external hard disks, etc for your PC or laptop
  • Then clear the old unwanted files and make the system clear without any error creating file pages
  • Maximum try to install good and genuine software mainly the antivirus should be of good branded one through which you can detect and delete the unwanted files and folders easily and immediately
  • Try to keep a maximum of storage space in the drives. Don’t keep the drives full always as this also may cause unwanted pages deposition leading to sudden slowness in the performance which in turn leads to the appearance of the error
  • Mainly keep the virtual memory space clean without any extra bugging files and folders