How to Migrate from Prestashop to Prestashop

Nowadays the entrepreneurs are struggling to keep with the latest trends and innovate and develop new things so as to stay above its competitors in the market. One of the best solutions for online commerce or e-commerce is provided by Prestashop.

Prestashop is an open source e-commerce solution. Prestashop supports many payment gateways like Pay Pal, Authorize.Net, Skrill, and Google Checkout. This is software which is developed in PHP and based on smarty template engine. The default database for Prestashop is MySQL.

In recent days it has been found that PrestaShop Hosting version 1.5 has become very popular and famous. Now there are many people who have no idea what exactly PrestaShop 1.5. To illustrate let us first discuss about it. PrestaShop 1.5 is known to be a shopping cart very popular online, which can be easily installed on any web hosting account. The simple things you need to do is download and install the latest version of PrestaShop and you can start your e-business. Once you have downloaded the software, then you will find it very easy to install and can easily do yourself.


Cart2cart on the other hand provides online service to move your data from one shopping cart to another easily. It not only makes migration from Prestashop to Prestashop (video) simpler but also faster. All you have to do is to transfer customers and products and choose the platforms that you are targeting by choosing their respective URLs. The migration takes place effectively with the help of a connection bridge.

Migrating from old to new version of Prestahop

You would find different versions of Prestashop. If you have an older version it is fine but it is always good and advised that you keep up with time and utilize the benefits of latest versions of Prestashop to manage the store online. If you want to upgrade traditional Prestashop then you would find that it is a very hard job, but with Cart2Cart’s Prestashop to Prestashop migration facility it becomes quite easy.

It helps you to transfer all the information in the database from the older version to the newer version in a fast, simple convenient way. But still a question comes to our mind that is why we should upgrade Prestashop? It is because with every advanced version you would find advanced features like what is the advanced tax rule applied on the product, what is the purchase price, category etc. The main advantage that you would get if your Prestashop upgrade is done is that you can move customers, products and also can move order history from your older version without any effort. You can install Prestashop and then you have to shift data from your older version of Prestashop.

There are simple steps that help you to migrate. Firstly you have to choose your current version of Prestashop and then set up the URL of the shopping cart. Then you have to download the connection bridge which helps you to access the stored data. Then you have to select your target shopping cart. There you would find a drop-down menu from where you have to choose migrate to Prestashop. After that you have to install the connection bridge and then proceed further and click on the next button.

Then you have to select the entities you want to transfer such as product, product categories, manufacturer, orders, customers, and taxes .You can select all if any additional options are there then that too. Then select the language, then amp currencies and migrate your orders and map the statuses. You can check the demo migration or move on to the next step. You can see the items you have migrated in this step and tally it with the demo migration. Then start for full migration, making sure that the funds are proper and click on full migration button. When Prestashop to Prestashop upgrade is over you would receive an email notification.