How to Migrate from Drupal to Joomla Smoothly and Rapidly

In today’s world, people are choosing open source CMSs like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress because of various benefits like low maintenance cost, online support and variety of designs. Open source Content Management System provides best designs and development for websites on the open source code platform.

Drupal to Joomla

Moreover the customer will get most of the benefits with no investment cost for carrying out all the important business transactions with the help of internet. These days, migration from one CMS to another CMS also has become very easy and fast.

Migration from Drupal to Joomla is proving beneficial to the customers for various reasons but the most important thing is that Joomla CMS platform is much less complicated compared to Drupal. Joomla also has some other reasons like improved semantic layout of XHTML, enhanced integrations and looks. These reasons are influencing people to convert Drupal to Joomla. People who still use Drupal often complain about its feature intricacy and complexity. This is another reason why people wanting to convert Drupal to Joomla.

Nowadays, it has become very easy to convert from one CMS platform to other CMS platform. There is no exception also in case of migration from Drupal to Joomla. You would find many online migration services where you will be able to migrate from Drupal CMS to Joomla CMS very easily and without spending much time.

CMS2CMS is one of the many available automated online migration services. It makes the task of migration very fast and easy and saves the effort and time of the user. With CMS2CMS automated migration service, your website will be migrated to Joomla from Drupal in just 15 minutes and most importantly without making any loss from the source site. All you have to do is to follow some simple steps and migrate from Drupal platform to Joomla platform.

In CMS2CMS automated online service, you can migrate from Drupal platform to Joomla by keeping static website pages like “About us” page, posts and categorized contents like article, blog posts same as source site. You also can transfer your sections and content categories with posts and protected “Parent-Child” relations, content images corresponding to all pages and post in the source site from Drupal platform to Joomla.

You will even have the details of the Users like Login, Email, first and last name from the source site. This online migration service also migrate the links from the source site that are connected in the body of the post and even those links that are connected to the external resources.CMS2CMS migration service also tries to keep the SEO URLs of the source site same in the migrated site.

You can experience the migration to Joomla from Drupal in CMS2CMS very easily. First you have to establish a connection between two sites. Then you have to start the process of migration by following some simple steps and then you can enjoy the migration result. The steps to migrate from Drupal to Joomla are very easy to accomplish in CMS2CMS web based migration service. In this online migration service, you can convert from Drupal CMS to Joomla CMS at a very low and affordable cost also.