How Is NAS Device Better than External Hard Drive?

Presently so many people are giving positive feedback about the Network attached storage (NAS) server device. Basically what is this network attached storage device? The network attached storage is nothing but a server device which stores any number of files of any format and with any memory. Then what about the external hard drive?

NAS device

The external hard drive is also a data storage device only but the major difference between these two is that the hard drive has to be carried wherever you are going and it will not make any necessary communication between two different servers. Whereas the network attached storage device will make good arrangements for the communication of servers from different locations.

Here you will get the major reasons why the network attached storage is better than an external hard drive.

Easy Backup Device:

The network attached storage device creates good communication between all the computers in the particular office which pays easy way to the individual users to retract or back up a particular file or document whenever necessary.

The network storage device not only helps to backup the files and folders but also the digital photos, music and videos from the coupled systems.  This type of facility you will not get with the help of external hard drives.

Fearless Backups:

Once the network attached storage device is installed in your system then you can relax completely without worrying about the file backup. Because the storage device will automatically save the files and data of yours so that by giving a particular date or time you can easily retrieve the data or the file safely and immediately. In case of external hard drives, if a particular data got deleted then you cannot retrieve it back by any reason.

Sharing of Files:

Once a file is created and saved in the computer device, the backup of the particular file will get stored up in the network attached storage device. Due to the intra communication facility provision by the network device any individual at any time can easily acquire the particular file for his/ her use. This reduces unwanted misunderstanding between the individuals and thereby declines the working time and increases the employee effort to work faster for the welfare of the organization.

Easy Accessibility:

The network attached storage device helps in accessing the files and data of the particular company easily from any corners of the company. Even sometimes it creates an easy accessible pathway between the companies from two different branches or two different areas. With the external hard drive this easy accessibility is highly impossible where you have to carry the hard drive for each and every place for sharing the files.


Apart from all the above mentioned points, the network attached storage device is a highly compatible and versatile one which reduces all your extra work loads and efforts. Instead of carrying the hard drive in hand or bag, just installing the network storage device with the existing computer, you can easily and compactly work with the necessary files and data effectively.