How Can I Reset Buffalo LinkStation Password Without Erasing Any Data?

Users who use Buffalo Linkstation and NAS devices often find it hard to reset the passwords.

At times when they need to do this, one main concern is to not delete the data they have on their device.

According to most of the sources and forums online, resetting Buffalo LinkStation Password is not a risky technique as this does not delete the data.

Resetting the Buffalo Linkstation may however erase all the system settings.

These include IP address, username/password, other system configuration which goes back to default.

Contacting the Buffalo support directly is one of the best ways to do all this correctly and without any trouble.

They will guide you about the best techniques you can use for your particular model.

Step 1: Turn off your LinkStation

Move the switch downwards and wait for your device to shut down.

Step 2: Turn on your LinkStation

Hold down the button of function and wait for the LED light of function to blink the white light.

Step 3: Press the button of Function

When you see the LED light is flashing, press the button of the function.

After this you will need to reset the settings of ethernet frame size, IP address, admin password and admin username.

To disable the LinkStation password and the username, go to Management and then to the option of Restore/Erase.

Then click on the Init button settings and then on keep current admin username and password.

And that’s it you have reset buffalo linkstation without losing data.