Free XBOX Live Codes – Do They Really Exist?

If there was a real way to get Xbox Live codes without having to pay for them, then you can be sure that at least one person on planet Earth has taken advantage of it.
Free XBOX Live Codes
There is! But it’s not full of hype like what those code generator sites say.

It’s a sad fact that a lot of the sites that promote code generators have made hollow claims.

Now the next question is if these so-called code generators don’t work, then how do you get the codes for free?

Getting Technically Free Xbox Codes

Since code generators don’t really work then Xbox fans will have to find another way to get their codes for free. It should be noted that a lot of users have reported that the code generators that they have downloaded included viruses in them, so beware.

Nevertheless, there are users who have obtained codes from certain code generators that are technically “free” – well, free in a sense that they didn’t actually pay for them, they earned them.

Note that there are code generators that require users to answer surveys, do certain offers, or complete certain tasks on the Internet. Oh, these are legit activities, just so you know you’re not being scammed or you’re not forced to scam or even at least spam other people. But in case you are scammed there are sites like Money Back out to get the help with.

For instance, there are sites or code generators on the Internet that will make users do surveys in exchange for Xbox Live codes. Well, the surveys are real and they ask about a ton of different things.

They don’t ask for your social number but some of these surveys ask for consumer opinion. But note that you don’t just do one survey and you get your code instantly. The site will usually award you your code after completing several surveys.

Of course, completing surveys is not the only way to earn the highly coveted codes for your Xbox (well at least you didn’t pay for it).

Another class of paid-to-do stuff sites requires users to sign up for certain offers online. All you have to do on such websites or generator sites is to fill out the offer form and submit it.

Doing that will definitely mean you’ll get a lot of new product offers in your email. However, after you have completed a signup form expect offers to pop up in your email’s spam folder.

That’s not so bad, isn’t it? You can just delete all the stuff in your spam folder any time you want.

The other good thing is that once you have what you were looking for (i.e. the Xbox codes!) you can cancel the offers that you signed up for. You don’t pay for any of the orders by the way so cancel them as they come in your email.

Just like the online surveys websites, users will also be required to complete a certain number of product offers online before finally being awarded their coveted codes.

Mind you that will be quite a substantial amount of product offers to complete so you can just imagine how much spam mail you’re about to get in your spam folder. But that is just a small sacrifice in order to get free Xbox Live codes.