Notify Your Community Citizens about Emergency Services with Emergency Notification App

In case you are working as a disaster or an emergency manager, then you might now be well aware of the importance of responding to the needs posed by your community. You will need to be on your toes all the time so as to ensure that your community members are provided with the right kind of help at the right times. Disaster can occur at any time and the way it was controlled completely rest on your shoulders. With smart phones and internet ruling the market, disaster management is no exception.


Emergency management or disaster preparedness apps installed to your smart phones can help you responding to your client enquires in an instant fashion. With the help of an efficient emergency app installed you can guide your community citizens with information about emergency shelter, notify them with information regarding various kind of services that can be availed in specific location.

Yet another added advantage of an emergency notification app is that you can update your community of people with push messages and notifications. Also, you get an instant notification about people who are stuck in troubles and get to help them with immediate effect.

With the help of emergency notification apps you can take quick decisions about the routes that can be used to evacuate a space and communicate the same to users of the app on an immediate effect. A single message shall carry the information to all users of the app that will help them deal with the situation without getting stressed out.

EOCready is an emergency notification app that is available to users for download on both Android and iOS platform. Alternately the same can be downloaded from website too by visiting Also, their representatives shall provide you with a demo on the usage and services provided by the app.