What Are The Basic Steps Involved in Computer Software Development

Computer software provides the means to an end when it comes to computers. When you want your computer to perform a certain function, you have to have computer software that allows it to do so.

Computer Software Development

For instance, if you wanted to edit photos on your computer, you have to get computer software that allows your computer to manipulate the photo upon certain commands. The process of developing software is engaging, and as Steve Jobs said, it starts with a dream.

The following are the official steps to developing software for computer use:

  1. Investigation and analysis phase

During this stage of development, the software engineers do their research and come up with a design of software depending on its use. They do trial and error tests; they carry out feasibility studies and see how efficient the software will be in its work.  These test results are presented to the sponsors for appraisals and decisions on whether to go on with the projects or terminate it.

  1. Specification analysis phase

In this step, you get all the requirements you need and depending on the size and the methodology, you want to use. You describe the projects to the developers and the programmers for coding and development.  The programmers then test the requirements and their ability to make the software effective; the software should be as light as possible and bug free as possible.

  1. Design phase

Here the specifications of the project are set and the design is put on paper. The designers determine what computer language you can use for the project; this includes VB.net and other languages such as java.  In the design phase, the software is completely coded and the small issues are clarified.

  1. Testing and documentation

This phase is about the testing of the functionality of the software and the bugs and errors in the coding are determined here, most companies go all out and launch what they call the BETA versions of the software to the market to test its weaknesses and listen to user reviews. From these reviews, they are able to correct the bugs and the errors from the software.

  1. Software launch and implementation

Here the software is given to the users, the market and they get to use them, initially free, and then later they can buy the refined and non-trial versions for their use. In this phase, the software is constantly monitored and any errors that come up are fixed and dealt with using updates and bug fixes.

  1. Maintenance

This step involves making sure that all the errors and bugs are fixed and updated to ensure that the software is in good working condition. The thing about this stage is that it never ends, the software is fixed and other versions are developed to make it even better.

The bottom line is that this business is the way to go, many software are being developed to make work easier. The most amazing field is the field of logical thinking software that is taking over in most computer labs everywhere.

Though it is a growing field, computer software development is slowly eclipsing major fields in computer engineering and science. It is a field that is here to stay and a force to reckon with. With the advent of more sophisticated software technology, the above process has been reduced from several months to several weeks.