Buffalo LinkStation 420 Review

Buffalo has launched ultra-modern network storage – Buffalo LinkStation 420 to provide users with fast shared storage and backup for their PC and Mac devices on home network along with the security of RAID data protection. All you need to do is to connect your wireless router and access the stored data anywhere in your […]

Buffalo Linkstation 210 Review

The advancement in technology and the introduction of new storage devices for backup, intensive data storage and access is gaining popularity in the market to check and replace the old version. If you are seriously in search of a new backup device for your Mac and PC device and smart phones then to your surprise, […]

Buffalo LinkStation 220 Review: A 2TB 2 Drive NAS Device Simplifying Your Life

Buffalo LinkStation 220 is the best product for storage one can have as it uses the cloud technology. Cloud is the technology that makes all information needed accessible through the internet from any place and anywhere. Use this technology through Buffalo’s Linkstation 220 and make sure to enjoy all benefits to its maximum. This gives […]

How Can I Reset Buffalo LinkStation Password Without Erasing Any Data?

Users who uses Buffalo Linkstation and NAS devices often find it hard to reset the passwords. At times when they need to do this, one main concern is to not delete the data they have on their device. According to most of the sources and forums online, resetting Buffalo LinkStation Password is not a risky technique […]

What Is The Buffalo Linkstation/ NAS Default Password?

As per Buffalo Forums and sources online, the default password for Buffalo LinkStation and Buffalo NAS is: Username: admin Password: password    

Buffalo Linkstation Pro Review: The Real Gateway of Storage

Network attached storage or simply abbreviated as NAS is a means of storing the data’s and files of large computer while being linked to a network of dissimilar computers. The  Network Attached Storage type setup has increasingly been more popular in past recent years with its well-situated and effective means of centralizing stored data and […]

Buffalo Linkstation Quad Review: The New Face of Technology

Technology is far away from its initial stage of growing, it has attained a highly developed stage now. The new innovation and the recent powerful gadgets show that it has reached its peak province. The growth of technology and its invasion in every field and application is seen to be increasing in a high linear […]

How To Reset Your Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo Device?

Buffalo technology has been providing a wide range of NAS solutions for home, small office as well as personal use. The solutions are space efficient and shared storage with an access over the local network. Irrespective of enhanced technological reliability of contemporary NAS solutions the device still remains exposed to data losses and failures. The […]

Buffalo Linkstation 4TB Review: Now Enjoy Uninterrupted Streaming Anytime

Until now many of us preferred storing our multimedia files on our computer. However, it does takes up a majority of the space on your hard disk and too much data slows down your work. Why not store your content and other multimedia items on an exclusive device that is Buffalo LinkStation 4TB. This is […]

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Review: Pros and Cons

The present day’s human works and activities are much different and he mainly runs with the help of machines only. Out of so many machines discovered till now the major machine which governs the human totally at the present period is the computer. The computer works are in high speed and the humans are also […]

Advantages of Network Attached Storage for Small Offices and Home

In olden days people used to keep their documents and books in their shelves in the home. There was no reliable soft copy of those materials. In those times even soft copy was not that valuable when compared to the hard copies. Then people started using external devices such as the USB drives, floppy or […]

Buffalo LinkStation 1TB Review

Now storing and sharing your data at a centralized location is easy with the help of Buffalo LinkStation 1 TB. This device helps you share and store your all digital data and through this you can access it from anytime, anywhere with the help of the devices equipped with the Internet. Your PC is slow […]

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