Importance of Online Backup Service for Your Business

People are so intelligent that they do not want to pay for anything. They would like to get most of the things free of cost. Even with the regular things which are used by them they need at least discounts or something free with it. People are so happy with the freebies. Coming to the […]

Save the life of your family photos

Bad things can happen to good hard drives. They can become scratched when dropped, for example, and this can be devastating for people who did not backup their hard drive regularly. A wealth of personal data, videos and family photos can be lost when this happens. Now, a small company is researching hdd “data recovery”. […]

How An IPad External Battery Backup Helps?

Life without electronic gadgets is unimaginable. No one can survive a day without mobile or iPad. But the continuous usage of these gadgets turns their life into nil. One of the greatest achievements of science is battery. It is true when we compare the invention with our ipad. We realize the importance of having an […]

iPad Battery & Doubling Your Run Time

There are many ways available today that can minimize power usage of your iPad battery and thereby extending the daily life of your battery. The best way to keep your battery safe is by using a battery case. This will increase the life of the battery and will reduce the risk of some common problems […]

A Guide To The Xeon Servers

For those who are techno savvy must have heard about the Xeon servers. But many of them might not know as to how they can be installed. Micro-architecture that is named Nehalem is the one the Xeon server is based on. The chipset that is used for its processing is 3420. The high end workstations […]

What is the Basic Difference between NAS and DAS?

Before assessing the difference between NAS and DAS, it is important to understand its fundamental characteristics and meaning. DAS stands for direct attached storage for a tape or disk (usually). A wire or cable directly attaches it to a computer processor. Your PC’s hard disc drive and tape drive complies with a single server. These […]

What Are the Difference between NAS and File Server?

With reference to the chasm between NAS and a file server, you need to remember certain fundamentals about the gamut. NAS is the acronym for network-attached storage. It is the traditional description, definition and depiction of a file server. The prime reason is that it provides and controls access to a shared file mechanism within […]

Importance of IPhone Battery Extender and Backup Power

No doubt iPhone is an incredible gadget that conglomerates a music player, a play station, a net browser, a phone and the list goes on. With the addition of newer attractive application the iPhone took the hearts of people changing it into a body part of the people. Nowadays gizmo freaks find it difficult to […]

What Is Basic Difference Between NAS And SAN?

The aspect of storage of data has emerged to be one of the main concerns for the IT and IT related industries in today’s world. In these industries each day a huge amount for data is produced and without proper storage system those data can get lost, forever. That is why with each passing day […]

Safeguarding Your Data Through Online Cloud Computing Services

The cloud computing is a paradigm that can provide computing services via the Internet, in this context, the cloud is a metaphor for the Internet”. The types of services that can be provided through the cloud are extensive. According to this model, the customer pays for a service provider or by the use of a […]

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