Canon 7D Or 6D Camera: Which Is A Better Option?

Canon has been lately launching professional digital cameras which give reality like pictures. The company has recently launched canon7D digital camera which is somewhat similar to its previous version-6D.

Both cameras have been manufactured keeping in view the needs of a common man as well as a professional photographer. However when it comes to choosing any one of them then checking out canon 6d review vs.7d over the internet is a smart idea.

Both 6D and 7D have their own unique specifications. Canon 6D comes equipped with full-frame sensor while canon 7D boasts about its magnificent crop sensor.

There are certain obvious benefits of having a full-frame sensor for the photography. However, requirements of an average consumer will be foremost fulfilled by 1.6x crop sensor. Anyone can get easily drawn by the allure of canon 6D. With lower price and greater specifications, canon 6D is an obvious choice for any consumer.

As per online canon 6D review vs.7D, both cameras have full-frame sensors. However, if closely compared then Canon 7D has a higher focus point and frame rate. Photographers who desire 1.6x crop functionality along with higher focus point and frame rate can choose to buy Canon 7D with DSLR technology.

As per market surveyors, price of canon 7D is soon to drop. Therefore you can buy the latest technology within your estimated budget.

The small and lightweight camera is a must own for every photography lover. The cost of 6D is also much lower when compared with canon 7D. It has various specifications which are enough to train any amateur photographer.

Canon EOS 6D digital camera comes equipped with built in wi-fi, geotagging, ios and android apps which makes it damn convenient to share photographs no matter you are.

Changing camera settings and instant transferring of photographs is now easy with canon 6D mini stalwart. If you are a starter, then you must certainly go for canon 6D digital camera without giving a second thought.

However, if you are a professional then 7D`s 18 mega pixel camera along with APS-C and CMOS sensor is a better option for you. Canon 7D comes with high range of ISO, 19 point AF, HD video and lightening fast processor which is ideal for a pro.

The specs consisted by canon 7D are sure to give a great boost in ones professional career. Each and every specification of canon 7D has its own utility which can be only realized when the hi-tech innovation is brought under regular usage.

When it comes to buying a great camera which is equipped with modern technology and is low in price then 6D is a viable option. Canon 6D is capable of shooting images even in dark. But that is certainly not a point to invest such a huge amount at it.

When it comes to shooting a bit of everything, 7D stands as a stronger candidate. The faster shooting rate along with cross-type 19 focus points is something that must be opted. Canon 7D comes with 100% view finder coverage along with faster shutter speed. The shutter speed of canon 7D is almost twice when compared with canon 6d digital camera.