Buffalo Linkstation Quad Review: The New Face of Technology

Technology is far away from its initial stage of growing, it has attained a highly developed stage now. The new innovation and the recent powerful gadgets show that it has reached its peak province. The growth of technology and its invasion in every field and application is seen to be increasing in a high linear passion.

The master minds behind these inventions are very intellectual and cunning, the latest technological gadget they present to the modern civilized world was something extra ordinary itself. It is non other than the Buffalo linkstation quad, four – disk Network attached storage (NAS). That’s why it is already said that technological invasion has reached its highest and prominent position ever.

The Buffalo linkstation quad has a lot of storage and a set of high definition features at a very rational price. The term Quad is used in the gadget, because of the presence of four disk drive in it, and it makes use for high storage and also provides a maximum security back up.

Amazon: BUFFALO LinkStation Pro Quad 4-Bay 12 TB (4 x 3 TB)

Try the Gadget

The Buffalo linkstation quad is a four – disk network attached storage (NAS) gadget providing a high amount of storage space to store the valuable documents and files in it. This special gadget comes in different storage space models such as 4 TB, 8 TB, 16 TB.

Since 4 drives are present in the device for storage purpose, it is defined to be as quad device. The gadget is of sturdy metal frame molded and is very compact and quiet in the working. The Buffalo linkstation pro quad offers a very high performance ad a high RAID network storage facility and also provides a good backup for the business users and home users.  You can access the terabytes of storage and also share your documents and files very quickly and efficiently, up to a speed of 72 Mb per second.

While talking about the back up, the server’s copious capability is put to fine use with a selection of RAID 1 and RAID 5 redundancy modes and every unit is packed with five license set of Nova Back up professional. Two USB ports are available on the device, one up front and one round back, they will be more helpful to share USB devices on a network, and about the front port is outfitted with direct copy functionality.

The Buffalo LinkStation Pro Quad is packed with a full host of features, and the gadget is ideal for sharing, storing, serving and also protecting your most important data. It can back up the data’s of multiple PCs and Mac computers simultaneously and you can have the benefit of an uninterrupted access to the terabytes of storage space on your network and even over the world of internet while you are away from your home or premises.

Technical facts

The Buffalo linkstation quad is provided by Buffalo technology and is molded with a super fine performance 1.6 GHz processor. It sis having web access for you gadgets like Iphone, ipad and iPod. It also possess a Nova Back up fro your home windows PCs and also a time machine support fro the Macs.

The data transfer speed of this gadget is up to 70 Mb per second. With these specifications included in such a single gadget, it works in a very good and perfect manner. These tremendous specifications and the performance criteria of the device made it a top class one of the entire gadget series.

Other important features are given below.

  • Secure central storage – Having a terabyte of storage capacity, Buffalo linkstation quad provides a consistent location to store the personal and important data’s of the PC and Mac computers. And also the protection offered by the gadget is so immense also the sharing and file transfer is very speedy because of the transferring speed of the device.
  • Data protection – The gadget is provided with four disks and support for many levels of RAID redundancy for data protection. RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10 will offer a high level protection.
  • Back up capacity – The device is featured by Nova back up professional version for windows and time machine application for Mac for the complete home data back up.