Buffalo Linkstation Pro Review: The Real Gateway of Storage

Network attached storage or simply abbreviated as NAS is a means of storing the data’s and files of large computer while being linked to a network of dissimilar computers. The  Network Attached Storage type setup has increasingly been more popular in past recent years with its well-situated and effective means of centralizing stored data and also sharing the computer data between a countless of computers.

Buffalo Technology LinkStation Pro Quad

Buffalo link station is such a vast storage set up provided by the prominent company and also offers a wide range of supporting features. Buffalo Linkstation Network Attached Service is a readily accessible storage service offered on the network employing compact gadgets devoid of the need for conventional file servers.

The Storage for desktop computers and gadgets comes from their in-built hard disks and memory segments. As the sharing of files, data’s , documents  and work collaboration become the rule in businesses, the file servers were basically set up to centrally manage the important files.

The main features of the buffalo link station pro are

  • It has High performance 1.6 GHz processor back up
  • It allows Web Access App for your gadgets like I Phone, iPod or I Pad
  • Provides the modern Nova BACKUP for the Windows PCs
  • Time Machine hold for Macs
  • File transfer rate is very high up to High speed 78MB/s
  • Facilitates access for Direct copy from USB Hard Drive devices or camera
  • Provides 24/7 US based Tech support

Buffalo’s Link Station Pro LS-VL comes in 4 variants. The variants are classified according to the memory storage available in the gadget. The memory options available in the Buffalo’s Link Station Pro LS-VL are 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB.

All these variants work perfectly well and have high performance. Network attached storage devices are normally configured using a browser help. In the browser, you can simply set the users, the folder permissions, and also the space restrictions as desirable. The Folders defined in the Network attached storage can be mapped as a simple drive letter in the Windows desktop computers. And these Windows computer just employ the map command in the Explorer to connect to the Network attached storage.

The Benefits Offered by the Buffalo’s NAS

Buffalo’s Link Station Pro LS-VL Network attached storage devices need little or no maintenance after the configuration of device is performed. They are usually sealed similar to a household appliance and therefore no major maintenance can be made like in the conventional file server computers and other gadgets. Periodic cleaning by reason of dust gathering is the only exterior physical action that can be made.

And the Data backup is much easy since this procedure can be easily completed through the desktop computer by accessing the in-built storage of the Network attached storage. If a hard disk failure happens the gadget can be easily opened up and the memory disk replaced.

The Buffalo’s Link Station Pro LS-VL Network attached storage devices differs from ordinary Network attached storage devices from many features and  a lot of benefits are availing from the buffalos’ Network attached storage device. Main benefits offered are:

  • The Shared folders can be accessed by everyone on the network
  • Turbo PC facility for Windows which enhances the general performance of your Personal Computer and also enhances file transfer rates up to 35%
  • A while home back up  program installed for the backup procedure if necessary
  • DLNA Certified and iTunes Servers
  • Turbo PC with Turbo Copy facilities

The benefits of Buffalo’s Link Station Pro LS-VL Network attached storage devices service can be observed not only in the corporate atmosphere but also in the normal home retail market. File sharing procedure is simple and the compact size of Buffalo’s Link Station Pro NAS devices makes them very easy to transfer to share data with the friends.