Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo Review

With the ever growing trends of the home networks, and wide expansion of the multimedia market the Buffalo Linkstation Pro has become one of the most amazing and favorite network attached storage which we called as NAS. It is a box designed for the home users market. The unit is an amazing that is specifically designed for the general public on the Linux development.

Linkstation Pro Duo is coming from a well known maker of the storage and network devices – Buffalo Technology. It is a device that offers external HDDs with 3.0 interfaces and 2.0 USB. The unit can be good network attached storage for the corporate as well as home users. Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo review has come up with great glowing from the customers who have experience using it.

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Get this at Amazon

The Buffalo Linkstation Pro duo is available in 4TB, 2 TB and 6TB featuring with some of the wonderful specifications. The unit is basically 2 way NAS box. The 2 drive bays are easy to reach when you pop up its front part and they are easy to swappable.


The default configurations for all the three units are same. It has got RAID 0, it reads about 10GB large file at 68.5 megabytes per sec. The speed is speedy enough of handling streaming of 1080 videos. Talking about the performance, the units are thoroughly adequated for the home and small offices. The unit can write 10GB mix of folders and files at 27.5 Mbps. It reads it at 41.6 Mbps and can write about 10 GB file at 45.6 Mbps.

The RAID 0 configuration is known for increasing the performance and it uses the full capacity of the box drives and leaves the complete data on the box without any risks. In the case of drive failures, the unit offers backup facility that comes inbuilt.

The operating system is well organized, good technicality and easy to follow. If you have any tech problems, it is easy to mend it without any hassles. It is a low maintenance unit and doesn’t require expensive preservation.

The Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo review suggests that it is the most featured pack NAS unit available in the market equipped with the range of added features such as remote web access to the data storage on your NAS to the range of media streaming options. Added feature includes the ability to upload images to the Flickr, can connect to the eye-fi wireless SD card and can backup content to the NAS from the Apple gadgets using TIME MACHINE.

If you are looking to know its primary features, they are listed below:

  • Sleek and compact design
  • It has built in FTP server
  • It has easy configured setup
  • Good power saving options
  • Eco friendly
  • It is integrated with the iTunes
  • The unit is DLNA certified
  • Web access that lets you upload the files and folders at your convenience
  • It offers group security, and safe secures your stuff through user
  • It has added extra storage via external USB hard drive
  • It has multiple network speed support
  • Increased performance because of high speed processor
  • Quicker file transfer rate
  • It is easy to print anywhere on the network with built in printer server
  • The unit is iPhone compatible that can stream your content to the iPhone via Internet access

Buffalo Linkstation Duo Pro is indeed a high performance unit and very much ideal for a family to share no matter it is music, images or files to share. All the three versions are brilliantly designed keeping in mind people’s expectations. If you are looking to have something to access your media files from any web access PC? This gadget is the one to go for. It lets the user to share end number of media files any place anytime.

There are plenty of glowing reviews that you will find under Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo. There are happy customers worldwide, if you are considering buying a different version, all you have to do is check their specifications on the web. There are hardly any changes, yes in performance you would find one bettering one than another. The gadget is an amazing product that has made many home users happy through is functionality and performance.