Buffalo LinkStation 420 Review

Witnessing the growing trends of the home networks and emerging multimedia market Buffalo has come up with a brilliant device called “LinkStation” specifically designed for the home user market. Ideally made for family people, it provides an immediate storage increase offering various file access to the entire home network over the web.


LinkStation is Buffalo’s high-performance compact device equipped with a NAS drive which makes it a perfect thing for any family to share videos, photos, music, etc. The device is skilled to streamline media to the DLNA media players such as Xbox 360, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, etc.

Whenever you have a requirement to access the media files from the web resource you can definitely depend on LinkStation. This device is equipped with all the capabilities that let you allow to access all kinds of multimedia anywhere, anytime.

This is truly the brilliant one made, rather a dependable way that seamlessly shares and is stored in one place. You can share this with everybody with your family and friends over the web. It easily. This user-friendly device makes the sharing of multimedia files easy and convenient.

The LinkStation is available in three variations like 1.0TB, 2.0TB, as well as 3.0TB with the built-in hard drive of 3.5 featured with a 1.6 GHz processor that offers you an amazing speed of 768 Mb/s.

The device is user-friendly hence compatible with MAC OS and Windows where you have to simply plug into the router or wireless user or a router that gives you instant access in your home.

Equipped with the UPnP AV and DLNA compatibility the LinkStation is capable to work on any network device.

This personal and small office NAS operating system is a centralized storage and data management system that gives you access to all kinds of multimedia streaming, file sharing, and data backup.

It features an amazing system that runs on every network storage gadget and it is specifically developed to obtain the most of the LinkStation that makes your life easier.

Buffalo LinkStation 420

Buffalo has launched ultra-modern network storage – Buffalo LinkStation 420 to provide users with fast shared storage and backup for their PC and Mac devices on the home network along with the security of RAID data protection.

All you need to do is to connect your wireless router and access the stored data anywhere in your home. The product is furnished with a high-performance processor and features transfer speeds up to 80MB/s!

It has been DLNA accredited and can be used as an iTunes server for simple data storage and streaming. With easy-to-use WebAccess quality, you can develop a free personal cloud and enjoy easy remote access over the internet, and also on your portable devices when on the go.

Buffalo LinkStation 420 allows for backup a lot of computer systems at a time and you will enjoy continuous access to terabytes of storage.

Buffalo LinkStation 420

The product is available in Buffalo LinkStation 420 2TB version. Excellent performance is offered with rich network storage and backup for different computer systems on your home network.

You can experience high performance, which is 3 times faster than a normal NAS device. You can merge storage and back up your Mac and PC computers. Automatic data protection can be established with RAID 1 mirroring.

You are facilitated to make free personal cloud for access your documents and files anytime over the internet.

Buffalo LinkStation 420 4TB version boasts of intuitive user interface and simple use setup wizard. It is equipped with PS3 media and iTunes server functionality. This DLNA certified storage device possesses a built-in BitTorrent client for simple file downloading and management.

Buffalo LinkStation 420 comes with a USB port for backup as well as printer sharing. The high-speed 1.2 GHz dual-core ARM processor and DDR3 RAM provide users with a simple home shared experience, with a transfer speed of 80+ Mbps.

Easy scheduled backup is another major highlight of this incredible storage device. One of the versions buffalo LinkStation 420 8TB features 5 licenses of the NOvaBackup workstation. Besides, it also offers complete home data backup.

With free WebAccess, you can make a personal cloud to easily access and share files with anyone and anywhere over the internet.

The whole program runs on the LinkStation NAS system that offers a host of features that include network file sharing, remote access, security to RAID management, and many other elements that will simplify your everyday data requirements.

The Benefits To Buy LinkStation

  1. LinkStation provides convenient media file sharing amidst the multiple platforms that give seamless backup and storage.
  2. It provides multiple levels of security that provides security to your data.
  3. LinkStation NAS provides technologies and tools that help you to manage the data storage suiting your requirements.
  4. It provides an immediate plug-and-play USB accessory port, the device is a unique blend of redundancy and capacity.
  5. The device can be used in several ways for backup and storing data, since data loss is a usual occurrence you can now easily save your precious data with this.
  6. This device also helps you in creating a secured personal cloud environment for your data. You can upload your data and share it with others and access the content remotely.

Adorned with numerous significant benefits, this device is truly a smart device to have it owned for your home use. With the enhanced functionality and features, it manages your all media data amazingly without taking much of a fuss.