Buffalo Linkstation 210 Review

The advancement in technology and the introduction of new storage devices for backup, intensive data storage and access is gaining popularity in the market to check and replace the old version. If you are seriously in search of a new backup device for your Mac and PC device and smart phones then to your surprise, you have Buffalo Link Station 210 in the form of a single drive network storage gadget that provides fast shared storage with backup on your home network.

Buffalo Linkstation 210

Just feel easy to connect it to your router for simple access in any corner of your home. Enjoy favorite and memorable photos, music and all time movies and more to have a great time. Buffalo link station 210 helps you make sure that your data and files are safe at a single place in your private cloud and provide easy access to it from any corner of the beautiful world. All you need is a free iOS windows and Android application to enjoy the features and complete access.


  • Buffalo’s easy and free access permits the users to create a special cloud for private access and file sharing with anyone from anywhere through internet.
  • Offers a capacity of 2TB and gives the user the chance to create their own personal cloud with the skill to store, arrange and back up data.
  • Being provided with the external drive unit, this device holds a power lead with two and three pin adaptors, software disc, flat style Ethernet lead and different items of documentation.
  • Designed to place in a standing position, it is enclosed within a protective cover which is black separately from a small red strip on the front side.
  • It has dimensions of 130x205x45mm and weighs 1.1kg.
  • At the top of the unit, you find a cross slats that helps to ensure that there is proper ventilation to the drive.
  • The connections for the main power, USB 2.0 and Gigabyte Ethernet are set along the rear of the device.
  • The power and activity lights are placed on the front to visibly clear to the user.

After going through the Buffalo linkstation 210 review and understanding its functions and use, the process to use is straightforward as only a few necessary connections to a router and a power source and installation of the software on the compact disc let you enjoy the features.

Being designed with the use of NAS Navigator 2, User Manual, Abode Reader and NovaBACKUP, the NAS Navigator 2 software permit you to make necessary adjustments to the LinkStation 210, go through the contents, general features, set the password, and generate shared folders and even apply any access limitations which you feel are and reinstate the assignment which can be carried immediately on a user specific plan.

Well, as mentioned above, the LinkStation 210 is available with NovaBACKUP software, the tabbed edge permits you to switch quickly amid the topics which include backup, copy, schedule, restore and home, whereas the latter area presents you a choice of Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery and Express Wizard with interesting options to work on a certain job, set up media and add a network device. To know more and go through the Buffalo link station 210 reviews online at Amazon and make your best of the choice.