Buffalo Linkstation 2 TB Review

If you are considering to buy a home network and budget is obvious to see then Buffalo LinkStation 2 TB is worth considering. Packed with the latest features, the device is custom made rather than those networks that are used for heavy duty commercial and business networking or business networking.

Buffalo Linkstation 2 TB

It is an easy and quick alternative for sharing, storing and keeping a backup of your data and media files from your workstation to your network.

So far the Buffalo LinkStation Live 2 TB review are great as this device comes up with the host of latest features ideal for sharing, storing, and protecting your important content. With this you can enjoy an uninterrupted access on your network even remotely.

Stream Your Favorite Media

Buffalo LinkStation Live 2 TB can be utilized as an iTunes server to streamline your all favorite shows, movies and music. Now sit back relax and entertain yourself with your media files that gives you an uninterrupted entertainment. It centralizes your multimedia files for sharing and streamlining.

Free Personal Cloud Services

Buffalo’s free web access service lets you create a personal cloud for file sharing and remote access for anybody and anywhere over the web. Your content remains securely stored at one place on your home network and you can access this from any Smartphone, template, workstation or through the Internet. With this feature, sharing becomes easy as your family and pals can also have an easy access over your files. It is also accessible through your iPod, iPad, iPhone and other Android gadgets.

Secured Central Storage

Buffalo linkstation duo 2 TB provides the central, reliable location that stores your data safely from  your PC, tablet, Smartphones, laptops etc. Through this feature it is possible to access your content and other media files remotely.

Buffalo 2 TB LinkStation is the network attached storage drive made specifically for the home users who are into multimedia and want to share files over the network. The design of this device is compact hence doesn’t take much of your space. Secondly the design is sleek and black,  it doesn’t give a look of bulkiness wherever you wish to keep.

Coming over to its features, the device is available in 750 GB, 500 GB, 320 GB and 250 GB. All of them are equipped with 720rpm drive. All you have to do is connect the drive to your hub or router using Ethernet wires and plug in play.

Why You Require It

  • It is eco-friendly product this helps you consume less power
  • Great storage capacity that saves and access files in one location
  • It comes with web access; this means it is easy to share, music, videos and other multimedia files

Buffalo LinkStation 420 2 TB and Buffalo LinkStation 410 2 TB are easy to use drive network storage brilliant device that has amazing features and extremely useful since it can be accessed remotely as well. The device is supported by majority of the OS and gives easy, uninterrupted viewing and listening to your favorite music, videos and songs.

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