Buffalo LinkStation 1TB Review

Now storing and sharing your data at a centralized location is easy with the help of Buffalo LinkStation 1 TB. This device helps you share and store your all digital data and through this you can access it from anytime, anywhere with the help of the devices equipped with the Internet. Your PC is slow and taking a lot of time in opening application because the hard disk is full.

Buffalo LinkStation 1TB

You can shift your all data and multimedia files here on Buffalo LinkStation 1 TB so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted entertainment with your family at home.

Since, this device comes with huge data storage space and amenities of direct uploading and sharing the multimedia files with your friends and family remotely through net access, this Buffalo LinkStation 1 TB Live is sure to become a central family home device.

About Buffalo LinkStation 1 TB

The Buffalo LinkStation 1 TB Live is network storage drive developed for the small office and home users who are always on the go sharing various multimedia extension files over the local network.

It comes with a built in DLNA compliant and a print server that provides you an uninterrupted entertainment to other similar DLNA compliant products. It is nice deal with no bells and whistles attached.


Buffalo LinkStation 1 TB Live is compact in size and can slide next to your hub or router easily. All sleek and black/gray combination it measure about 2.4 x 6. 3 x 8.5 inch. The front side of the device has a power button with 4 LEDs. On the back side of the device there is an Ethernet jack, a power point and 2 USB ports for connecting it with the USB hard drives and printers.

Product Feature

Buffalo LinkStation 1 TB is available in 4 capacities that are 750, 500 GB, 320 GB, and 250 GB versions with 7200 rpm drive. More product features to check out are:

  • The device is user-friendly, easy to connect to your hub or router using Ethernet cable
  • Comes with a 1 TB capacity
  • Quicker data transfer
  • Light in weight
  • Less energy consumption
  • Webaccess lets you access your data and multimedia files anywhere across the planet
  • iTunes supported
  • You get an uninterrupted entertainment

Whether you are at home or out you can now easily upload the pictures and music directly through your Smartphone. It is a quality networking component that has amazing storage space and the kind of speed it lets you share and enjoy at the fullest.

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