Why Automated Phone Systems are Beneficial for Business?

When you hire a receptionist or personal assistant, it’s vital that they’re always on the ball when important calls come in and need to be transferred to the manager or another member of staff. Every business should be looking to grow, and become more efficient in every area. Unfortunately, if large amounts of calls come in and the poor member of staff dealing with them all is juggling a customer face to face, while trying to handle all the telephones, something has to give.

There is a solution though, that can transfer all calls to the right people, without needing you to even lift a finger. Automated phone systems do exactly what they say on the tin, and are an extremely cost effective and efficient way to manage your calls. Here’s why they’re beneficial for your business.


Automated phone systems can be likened to a robot, that takes care of all the calls and routes you through automatically to the right number based on your need. Since everything is done without need for a man or woman on the phone-line, it’s a super effective way to manage multiple calls at once and make sure there’s no room for human error, saving you both time and money. Release an employee to fulfill their role more effectively, while the system takes care of all the calls.

Perhaps you have reservations to using automatic systems like Business ip telephone systems dubai and prefer a more authentic, friendly approach. This is even achievable using an automated system. You can record a friendly greeting as though talking to a person and this greeting reads out options to the caller to help them choose the best topic that fits their line of enquiry.

The Fastest Route

Without the need for dialling numbers, transferring manually or even dealing with the call at all, the caller will be automatically routed to a set number based on what option they selected from the menu. This means that if someone called up about a plumbing crisis, for example, they wouldn’t get passed around a bunch of people in a transfer hiccup, they’d just go straight through to the right man for the job! It saves time and money for both you, and the customer.

Calls can be sent through to both landline and mobile numbers, so don’t worry if you’re out and about and you want to make sure that you can still be reached! An automated system can send calls through to you wherever you are.

Expert Handling

The smart systems such as IP PBX System UAE don’t just stop at options and transfers; they’re programmed to integrate a voicemail on the transfer line if the call can’t be answered. It’s even possible to let the right people know that the call was made with any message left via an email to set addresses!

Automated phone systems are smart too, and they know that you won’t want to be contact around the clock on personal numbers, or that some greetings and options may need to change in certain circumstances. Out of hours for example, there is specific type of call handling to let the caller know why they have been diverted, or to let them know the right time to ring back.

Bring in the Experts

As complicated as an automated phone system sounds, it’s relatively easy to install…if you’re an expert that is! Not many companies have the time or financial freedom to ‘have a go’ and set it up yourself, and very few that try end up with success. Thankfully you don’t have to understand the ins and outs, or waste your precious time and finances in doing the job yourself.

There are specialist companies available that will install, maintain and upgrade your system through a contract. They will often be able to get you up and running within 24 hours, and provide absolutely everything you need. They offer great customer care and help if you need it, so from a business investment perspective, it really is a simple choice!


There’s no quicker, easier, and more effective way to handle your calls than through an automated phone system. It has been proven to increase efficiency within your business, but also be a great benefit to your customers in dealing with their enquiries and handling messages. Not only will it save time and money now, it is also a great way to make room for growth and help you handle your expanding business. Make the right call for your business, and create an investment that will pay off for years down the line.