A Guide To The Xeon Servers

For those who are techno savvy must have heard about the Xeon servers. But many of them might not know as to how they can be installed. Micro-architecture that is named Nehalem is the one the Xeon server is based on. The chipset that is used for its processing is 3420. The high end workstations and the servers are the major users of the Xeon servers. The performance capabilities are simply the very best once and the main feature of these servers is quad-core processing. There are some very easy and say a very few steps with the help of which one can install the xeon servers.

Align the server to begin installation

At first, to begin with the socket of the processor needs to be opened. After opening the xeon server should be aligned and for this the markings of the pin must be used. There is pin marking on the interpose and there is another pin one marking on the socket. Both have to be aligned towards each other. After doing this, simply put in the socket and the seal the handle.

Applying thermal interface

The function of thermal interface is to be utilized in the next step for installation of the xeon servers. The material has to be applied in the heat sink at the center. After applying this material the fan has to be centered above the socket. Make sure that the material is being compressed over the surface of the socket.

Working with the heat sink

The two clips that are to be used for the installation have to be installed on the heat sink. After this the center tab should be carefully attached on to it. Make sure that one of the clips should be held downward and the other side should be pushed down above the tab that is for the purpose of retention. Finally push the opposite side of the clip on to the retention tab and the installation is complete.

There are points one would definitely ponder about and it is that why the xeon servers are the once that are said to be the best and most wanted servers for those who use pc for professional or for personal usage. Let’s discus what are few of the major needs that one can fulfill with the xeon servers.

The highest speed processor

It is one of the fastest servers or say the processor that is readily available in the market. The speed is about 2.4 GHz. The word size that one gets with this high speed server is about 64 bits. The other advantage that is linked with the xeon processor is that if one wishes one can always scale it up by adding a number of processors to it. The best and most used option by the users for scaling up is Dual xeon dedicated server. One does not face any problem if he/she wishes to build clusters with the processor.

A very large memory

The meory that one gets for usage with the xeon servers is the one that can be undoubtedly said to be the largest. The xeon processor supports the capacity of large addressing. One can comfortably or say conveniently work with up to 4 GB memory. This makes it comfortably possible for more users to log in at the same time. This is definitely one of the major concerns for all those who are working with the computers of various types these days.

Higher capacity of the hard disk

One would not believe easily that xeon servers can hold and say even increase the address ability to up to 250 GB. There is a facility of connecting multiple hard disks at the same time to a particular device.


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